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Welcome to the Land of Less! Where the quest for less opens the door to more. Where minimalism becomes holy ground.

In a culture obsessed with consumption and status, we grasp for more to prove our worth. To fill a void within.


But how can we reconcile this grasping for more when God’s Word teaches: Life does not consist in an abundance of possessions? (Luke 12:15)  


Is it possible for this truth to resonate in this time and place?  


The Land of Less is where we can reconcile our craving for more with our spiritual need for simplicity… a place where God becomes more, and we become less. 

In the Land of Less, we journey from a physically and spiritually cluttered life and discover that just enough is actually more than enough.

Have you ever dreamed of a simpler life where you feel light and free? 


Me too. 


Several years back I dove into what this kind of life looks like and began to live it for myself.


The Land of Less is my journey to a minimalistic life.

It explores the old truth of less is more.


It’s an honest account of how I broke free from a culture of consumption, and how that freedom spilled over into my spiritual life.


The Land of Less teaches you how to experience the abundant life God generously offers.


You discover how to loosen your grip on all the unnecessaries, and reach out to your Maker with open hands.


And as you let go, you trade your burden of mess for His lightness of less.  


The Land of Less is more than just a book. 


It's a way of life. 


It can open your heart to abundance and freedom. 


Won't you come and join me on this journey?

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