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Jennifer Schofield



Hi! I'm Jennifer.


I'm a mama and a wife.


I'm a sister and a daughter.


I'm a nature explorer and a campfire lover. 


I'm an introvert and a truth teller.


I am fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139) 


And although some days fear stifles the wonder, I write to face my fear and find my voice.


I am made in God's image and believe my creativity is an extension of His creative heart.


​In the winter months you will find me in my wooly socks curled up with a warm drink and a good book in front of the fire.


During the summer, my happy place is spending time in the garden nurturing my newly planted seedlings. ​


I have the heart of an artist.


I love to write, create Lego masterpieces with my 5 year old and plunk simple tunes on my guitar. When I am creating, I feel like I'm home.

Living a life of simplicity speaks to my heart.


Lightness and freedom have become something I am able to live out everyday.


Minimalism is a way of life for me. It is where I began my quest for less.  Where decluttering became more than just cleaning up; it became holy ground. 


And that is where the book, The Land of Less, was birthed.


I'm so pleased you decided to join me here!  


This is where we can journey together on this path toward a fuller yet less cluttered life; body, mind and spirit.

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