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From Resolutions to Revelations

Welcome to the beginning of 2021! Can you feel the anticipation for the days to come?

After the year that many have felt was “cancelled”, the pull to move into a new season fills us with hope, doesn’t it? Where we can reboot, start fresh and leave this strange year behind us.

And although there may be many things about 2020 that we are happy to move past, I'm curious about what things from last year you intend to carry with you into the next? Dare I ask, what are you grateful for from 2020?

Perhaps there were growth opportunities that shifted your capacity. Maybe you learned how resilient you are in the face of extremely difficult circumstances.

Were there things that were cut out of your life that you would rather not welcome in again, even if you could? A chaotic schedule; sitting in rush hour traffic; running from place to place on a daily basis; having little to no time for the things that you love.

And the Holidays. Back in March I certainly wouldn’t have believed that my beloved Christmas celebrations would be interrupted by COVID. And the holidays did look different this year, didn’t they? Many of us experienced disappointment this holiday season. We tried our best to make the most of what we could do, but there was so much that was unfamiliar.

But what I keep hearing over and over throughout this pandemic is that many of us learned to embrace a slower pace. And as our Christmas holidays got a bit of a facelift this year, many of us leaned into the calm and embraced letting go of the Christmas chaos.

I’d love to know, were you able to slow down at some point this December? Catch your breath? And how did a slower pace feel to you? Was it weird? Difficult? Or was there a part of you that relished the simplicity?

What if we could enter this new year with the intention to bring along the beauty we discovered in all the changes 2020 brought. To continue shedding the heaviness of a chaotic life and live in the simplicity of just enough.

This coming year calls for more than a New Year’s Resolution. I’m longing to go deeper, how about you? Longing to set intentions for my new year that I will carry with me through 2021 and beyond. Longing to make some soul filling, life enhancing changes. If this sounds enticing, then I invite you to join me. This is your year to switch from setting resolutions to experiencing revelations.

Start your year off right. Immerse yourself in something meaningful in this new season.

Are you dreaming of a simpler life where you feel light and free? Do you wish you could continue to nurture the feeling of calm and rest that you’ve had glimpses of through quarantining this past year? The book The Land of Less points you toward that kind of life by exploring the old truth of less is more.

It’s the retelling of my journey on the path to a minimalistic life. How I broke free from our culture of consumption and how that freedom spilled over into my spiritual life.

The Land of Less leads you to journey toward a fuller yet less cluttered life; body, mind and spirit.

I want to partner with you as you begin your year with the simplicity you’ve been craving. The simplicity you may have had glimpses of throughout 2020, but you are longing for more of. Click here to find out how...

Rooting for you in your New Year’s Revelation!

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