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Mama Nature

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Although there is so much vastness in nature, there is also something so simplistic about it. Mother Nature uses and nurtures only what is necessary. She never wastes a morsel. She never stockpiles just in case.

She knows herself and trusts her Creator. She is never in doubt. She is immensely patient. She always tells the truth and makes known what she needs. She gives and she takes in her completeness. We have so much to learn from her. Let Mama Nature teach you how to discover abundance with just enough.


Madame Earth

Mama Nature


Nurturer of every gift

from the Creator.

Supporter of life.

Respecter of all things living,


with pulses beating.



cells multiplying;

Including her own.

Creator has gifted the living.

We’re adopted through Mama’s sustaining.

She is a truth teller.

A heart-on-her-sleeve wearer.

Always revealing,

never concealing

what’s lacking.

What’s deficient.

Without a big fuss.

Without any temptation to quiet her vastness

she calls forth where attention is essential.

For life to blossom.

Where what she is,

who she is,

is fulsome and complete.

She knows the perfect balance

to feed her pulsing soul.

From my earliest instincts

I could hear her pulse.

Feel her rhythm.

Breathe in her breath.

I bend down low

put my ear to the warm earth beneath me.

My entire body releasing,

pressing in.

Like a newborn

propped on her mama’s bare chest

I feel the moment my pulse steps in time with hers.

There’s an aligning.

And she graciously provides

from what Creator has fed to her.

She doesn’t horde it to herself

but offers generously

what I need to live.

Even in this place

of living air

and open space

I have wandered.

I have looked high and low

to find worth.

Moved away

from Mama Nature's tender truth.

Eyes always searching

for love,


To be seen,

and known.

But any void to be filled by another

is fleeting.

Sinking sand that swallows you whole

when you’re too busy hustling for more.

I've failed to look at the vastness within.

The universe of just enough

the Creator has gifted to me.

It’s been there since the beginning.

Since He knit me together;


and wonderfully.

But I chose

to lean on the broken kindness

of broken people.

People who didn’t know their own vastness

let alone my own.

In this desperation,

this frantic searching

I stumbled upon it;

the banqueting table.

And in wonder

I sat down

and began to partake.

Creator had set it for me.

Had given me the seeds to water

and the season to harvest.

To feed my soul

by pointing me back to myself.

To the just enough

that He had gifted to me

from the start.

Creator took me to the garden.

Reunited me to Mama Nature.

She showed me how to sow

How to water and grow.

How to till.

How to be patient in the wait.

And how to harvest when the time is right.

I keep my eyes on the garden,

even in the drought.

Even in the early spring

when I’m filled with doubt.

Something is happening

under the soil.

Keep tending.

Keep returning.

Keep trusting and believing.

Mama Nature knows this best.

It's not always about the harvest.

But each step and season in between

hold weight.


Keep returning

while Mama Nature

and Creator

dance together.

Birthing new life

before my very eyes.

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